Qatar’s #1 UK-run tutoring company for small-group tuition and Centre-based Learning.

What do we do?

At Tutoring.Qa we provide the best private teaching and learning experience designed to improve student attainment for all ages and abilities, from Primary school children to adult learners, and Industry Sector specific training from Leisure and Hospitality to Police and Military.

Specialist English Language and Remedial tuition in Qatar, delivered exclusively by our UK teachers at our Doha Learning Centre. An individual learning experience following your own programme with your tutor.

Specialist Math and Science Remedial programmes to fix a students levels and ensure a strong foundation for IGCSE and Higher Education.

Curriculum support, ensuring students keep up to date with their current schoolwork and achieve comprehensive understanding of their current class work. Offered for all levels including Advanced in all British National Curriculum and IB subjects. Also available as Home Tuition in either English or Arabic for students in Arabic speaking Schools.

Exam preparation and coaching for ACT/SAT, IELTS;  University entrance preparation, including design portfolio development.

Individual coaching is available for UK 11+ and Common Entrance exam.

What will it cost?

Our fees are honest and straightforward, an hourly fee based on the programme of study, month by month, all quoted in writing at your interview. No hidden extras– guaranteed, just like our results. No additional fees for books, materials, supplies, no extra charges for registration, tests, reviews or progress reports. The British way of doing business- you know what you are getting and we fulfill our promise to you. 

Why UK teachers for English?

Because we believe that only Native English speaking educators who understand the context of our amazing language and our UK culture, can ensure that you, our students, learn to pronounce English correctly, understand its grammar and structure, and, of course, develop accurate reading and writing skills. We teach the use of both formal and informal speech, good UK manners, our social interaction.

Whatever your tuition, we at Tutoring.QA ensure our teaching is quality controlled, with agreed outcomes. We guarantee success.

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